Friday, October 09, 2009

Question Of The Day: 9th October, 2009

Steer clear of obvious traps and the answer is staring at you. Connect.

Difficulty Level - Medium

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And the correct answer is:

Mont Blanc (Pens)

Pictures from top left (clockwise):

Sonam Kapoor (girl in the centre, Mont Blanc's brand ambassador along with Dad, Anil Kapoor)

241 (number of Gandhiji edition Mont Blanc pens launched, because there were 241 people with Gandhiji in the Dandi March) Correction: Actually 241 is the number of the miles they walked in the Dandi March and hence 241 Pens. Thanks Prateek.

Tushar Gandhi (Gandhiji's great grandson, also one of the first recipients of the 11 lakh INR pen)


Anonymous said...

Gandhi Mont Blanc

Arjun Kolady.

Unknown said...

24...sonam related to anil kapoor(acting in the latest season, california 241 contains the number 24...third one i don't know why :)

Sasidhar said...

Delhi 6

Chandu(Monster) said...

Mont Blanc

Sonam kapoor new brand ambassdor,
Tushar gandhi was gifted with Mont blanc 241 limited edition pen

a'politik' said...

Is it Mahatma Gandhi
1. Sonam Kapoor,daughter of anil kapoor who produced Gandhi, my father
2.California- Mayor of San Fransisco is named James Otis, same as the name of the guy who auctioned Gandhi's memerobilia..
3. Tushar Gandhi- grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Abhishek said...

Gandhi- mont blanc made 241 pens, for number of miles walked for satyagrah

Ravi said...

Mont Blanc.
Sonam Kapoor acts in its ad.
241 Mont Blanc Pen dedicated to Gandhi released by Tushar Gandhi(in picture) as tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

quetzalcoatl said...

jane austen's emma???

Ignoramus Scribbler said...

the connect is Mont Blanc.
Sonam Kapoor's father anil kapoor produced Gandhi My Father.Tushar Gandhi gave Mont Blanc the right to use Mahatama Gandhi's name for their Gandhi edition pen which were produced only 241 in numbers.

Prateek Vijayavargia said...


Actually 241 is the number of the miles they walked in the Dandi March and hence 241 Pens.