Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question Of The Day: 13th October, 2009

I have been proved to be a bad judge of difficulty level of these questions, so take it with a pinch of salt. Once again, lateral thinking. Broad domain - tech.

Difficulty Level - Medium

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And the correct answer is:

Code Names of MS Windows versions

Pictures from top left (clockwise):

Daytona - Windows NT 3.5

Memphis (Elvis Presley at Graceland) - Windows 2000

Longhorn (Texas Longhorn) - Windows Vista

Blackcomb - Windows 7


Debasmita Basu said...

Is it Matthew McConaughey?

Sudharsan Narayanan said...

These are all codenames of Windows versions:

Daytona( Windows NT 3.5)
Whistler( XP)
Blackcomb(Windows 7)
Longhorn( Windows Longhorn)

Unknown said...

Microsoft OS code names- Daytona,?, Blackcomb, Longhorn

Ravi said...

Code Name for various Operating system/filesystem.
1) Daytona, WindowsNT3.5
2) Elvis, Mac OS 10.2.2 Journal file system
3) BlackComb, Windows.Net2.0, previous name of Windows7.
4) LongHorn, Windows7.0


kaushal said...

Car stereo-Amplifier?

Anonymous said...

Microsoft - codenames.

What's with the MS fixation eh?

Arjun Kolady

Ankan Mitra said...

code names for various windows projects windows NT 3.5 (Daytona), Windows XP ("Whistler"(not sure)) Windows VIsta ("Longhorn") and Windows 7 ("Blackcomb")

Chandu said...

Daytona - Database management softwareby AT & T,

Elvis - Text Editor

Longhorns - Windows Longhorn, cancelled Windows OS

Comb Drivers

Sajith Menon said...

Connection is Windows operating system; All are the pre release code names

Daytona = Windows NT
Elvis = Memphis = Windows 98
Longhorn = Windows Vista
BlackComb = Windows 7

The One and Only said...

Windows NT codenames:

1. Daytona 2. Memphis 3. (Texas) Longhorn 4. Blackcomb

baweja said...

Various versions of Windows