Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Question Of The Day: 6th October, 2009

Today's question is what they call 'domain specific'. If you aren't interested in soccer/non-American football, then maybe it's not for you. Yes, please let me know who should come in place of the question mark.

Please leave your answers as comments. They are moderated and will be published along with the correct answer. 

Difficulty Level - Tough

And the correct answer is:

Pierluigi Colina (Italian soccer referee)

These were the referees of the World Cup Finals from 1994-2006

Pictures from top left (clockwise):

Sandor Puhl (USA, 1994)

Said Belqola (France, 1998)

Pierluigi Colina (?) (Japan/Korea, 2002)

Horacio Elizondo (Germany, 2006)

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