Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Question Of The Day: 7th October, 2009

A little surprised to see everyone stumped with y'day's question. Today's could go either way, and with my hint I think it should be a sitter. All I will ask you to do is go back to your Indian childhood. That's it, connect

Difficulty Level - Easy

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And the correct answer is:

Chacha Chaudhry (Indian comicbook hero)

Pictures from top left (clockwise):

Pran (creator of the series)

Rocket (name of Chacha Chaudhry's dog)

Diamond Comics logo (publishers of the series)


Anonymous said...

Chacha Chowdhary - Pran - Diamond Comics.

Arjun Kolady.

Shuleo said...

Jupiter, Cartoonist Pran, Diamond COmics and Rocket. COnnect is Chacha Chowdhry

Pratyush said...

Turning Point

Rajat said...

chacha chaudhry

jupiter(from where sabu came)
pran (creator of chacha chaudhry)
rocket(chacha's dog)
logo of diamond comics.

quetzalcoatl said...

is it somehow Chacha Choudhry?

Srikant said...

Chacha Chaudhari??

Anal Ghosh said...

Chacha Chaudhry

Pic 1 - Jupiter, from where Raka hails from
Pic 2 - Pran, creator of the comic
Pic 3 - Rocket, to denote Chacha Chaudhry's dog
Pic 4 - Logo of diamond comics

Ravi said...

Chacha Chaudhary.

1) Jupiter, Sabu is from Jupiter.
2) Pran Kumar Sharma, Creator of Chacha Chaudhary.
3) Rocket(Raaket), name of Chacha Chaudharys dog.
4) Diamond Comics logo, which publishes the Chacha Chaudhary Comics.

diegostrikes said...


Anonymous said...


Abhimanyu said...

Chacha Chaudhary

Jupiter - the native planet of Sabu
Pran - the creator of Chacha
Diamond Comics - the publisher of Chacha Chaudhary comins
Rocket - Chacha's dog


Tarun said...

The connection is Chacha Chaudhary.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Jupiter, where his aide Sabu belongs to.

2. Pran, the creator of the character

3. Rocket, his dog

4. Diamond Comics logo

The One and Only said...

Ha ha ha! Chacha Chaudhary!

Jupiter (Saabu), Praan, Raaket, and Diamond Comics. Good one!