Friday, October 30, 2009

Question Of The Day: 30th October, 2009

Not an exhaustive list, but something unique connects these cricketers. Will be tough without a hint, and I won't give a hint:) Go ahead, connect and pat yourself on the back!

Difficulty Level - Tough

Please leave your answers as comments. They are moderated and will be published along with the correct answer. 

The next question will be updated on 9th November as I will be travelling for the next week with very limited access to the net.

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And the correct answer is:

All of them were involved in the last over of the two tied tests in 1960 and 1986
Pictures in clockwise order (from top left):

Maninder Singh

Greg Mathews

Ravi Shastri

Wes Hall


Rajiv said...

They all started out as fast bowlers but later turned into successful spinners-

Srikant said...

Players involved in tied tests

a) Maninder Singh
b) Greg Mathews
c) Wes Hall
d) Ravi Shastri

Shashank said...

All players involved in the last over of the tied test
Wes Hall (1st tied test)
Maninder Singh, Ravi Shastri and Greg Matthews (2nd tied test)

Tuhina said...

Cricket players involved in the two tied tests

Mandar said...

They were all a part of tied tests! Maninder and Ravi were the batsman in the tied test between Ind and Aus and Greg Matthews bowled the last over. I don't know why the West Indian, I think, Ian Meckiff is in the picture apart from the fact that he was run out in the tied test match between WI and Aus.

Kaushik said...

Ans - last over of the 2 tied test matches.

Maninder Singh was dismissed by Greg Mathews (the second pic) in 1986 while Ravi Shastri was at the other end (3rd pic)

Wes Hall bowled the last over in the tied test of 1960

Vikas said...

All of them were principal characters involved in the last overs of the only 2 tied tests in history :)

Wes Hall was the bowler in the 1st. And Greg Mathews was the bowler & Shastri-Maninder were the last pair in the 2nd.

Unknown said...

Manider singh/Ravi shastri were the last batsmen during the tied test match vs Australia in 1986 and Greg Mathews was bowling.

Wes hall was the bowler who was bowling in the tied test batch between West Indies and Australia in 1960

Deepak Taneja said...

Tied tests.

India- Australia Match 1986 - madras . Maninder Singh batsman. Ravi Shastri - non striker. Greg matthews - Bowler.
The fourth one is probably West Indian player part of the 1st tied test at Brisbane in 1960.

Anonymous said...

maninder (singh), ravi (shashtri), greg (mathews) and wes (hall) - all involved in tied tests.

but isnt this a weird connect ? why were the others left out ?

MountCleverest said...

maninder singh, greg matthews, lance gibbs and ravi shastri.

except for gibbs the other 3 were involved in the last over of the tied test match bw india and australia...

and as for lance gibbs, it seems he was the 12th man(and the substitute fielder) during the first tied test match.(thanks to cricinfo)

is that really THE connection??
cant think of anything else as of now...

Anonymous said...

Tied Test Matches.
Maninder Singh, Ravi Shastri, Greg Matthews were the main actors during the conclusion of the test match in Chennai.
Wes Hall bowled the last over during the tied Test match at brisbane.

- Manish Achuth

Sumit Sanghai said...

All of them played in one of the 2 tied tests in test match history.

Sajith Menon said...

China Man...(Person with left handed bowling and right handed batting or vice versa)

Chintamani said...

Wes Hall, Maninder Singh, Greg Matthews and Ravi Shastri, all involved in last ball of tied tests

Unknown said...

The last batting pair in the tied tests. Maninder Singh (out) & Ravi Sashtri (not out); then Ian Meckiff(out) & Lindsay Kline (not out)

The One and Only said...

Tied Tests (final over protagonists, to be precise): Maninder, Shastri, Matthews, and Hall.

Unknown said...

Maninder, Shastri and Matthews were the batsmen and bowler in the second Tied test. Wes Hall bowled the last ball in the first Tied Test

Ravi said...

All Players are involved in Tied Tests, which is quite rare in cricket.


saniya said...

all are left hand bowlers

Anonymous said...

all are left hand bowlers

Anonymous said...

Ravi Shastri was looking like Hirwani.

Why don't you provide a close up picture?