Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Question Of The Day: 21st October, 2009

Today's question is slightly generic in nature and that's why the 5 hints. Which theme am I referring to here?

Difficulty Level - Easy

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And the correct answer is:

Scams/Internet security/Viruses etc
Pictures in clockwise order (from top left):

Ketan Parekh - famous scamster

Still from movie P.S I Love You - I love you was a malicious internet virus/worm

edited logo of Verisign - internet security company

Picture of Kanu - footballer from Nigeria, and the 419 was a hint for the famous Nigerian 419 scams.


quetzalcoatl said...

various scums...ketan parekh,
verisgn was involved in some kind of scandal...

these r all "Ugly Truth"s...

Kaushik said...

The number 10

1. Ketan Parekh and his in-famous K-10 scrips

2. In P.S.I love you, Gerry writes Holly 10 letters to guide her

3. Nwanko Kanu wears the no 10 jersey for Nigeria

4. Verisign - dont know what No 10 has got to do with it though

Ameya said...

Ketan Parekh - k10
P.s I love you
IPC 419 for cheating
verisign logo


Ravi said...


1) Harshad Mehta, involved in security scam.
2) I love you scam on internet.
3) Kanu, Nigerian, 419 refers to the criminal code for scam, the famous nigerian 419 internet email scam.
4) Logo of Verisign, Internet security solution provider.

Anonymous said...

Fraud. Scam. Etc. Ketan Parekh, Nigerian Pyramid (Poor Kanu), verisign.

Arjun Kolady.

Chandu said...


Ketan Parekh

P.S I Love You


Nigerian Footballer - Christian and 419 Nigerian Scam)

The One and Only said...

Security Scams et cetera.

1. Ketan Parekh 2. PS: I Love You--> I Love You virus 3. VeriSign 4. 419/Nigerian phishing email scam

Unknown said...

Ketan Parekh, Nigerian 419 and viagra?

Shashank said...

The general theme is scams ..

Ravi said...

Sorry!!! Not Harshad Mehta, its Ketan Parekh...but the scam part stands true :-)