Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Question Of The Day: 28th October, 2009

Had been very caught up all day and thus the late post. Recognise any one of the gentlemen and it's a breeze. Connect.

Difficulty Level - Very Easy

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And the correct answer is:

All involved in the Naxal movement.
Pictures in clockwise order (from top left):

Charu Mazumdar (founder of the movement)

Kanu Sanyal (co-founder)

Kobad Ghandy (recently arrested Naxalite)


rajatmaths said...

cholo bhai back to basics: First two pics are of Charu and Kanu and third one I dont know! link should be CPI(ML)or naxal movement.

Anal Ghosh said...

Naxalite movement

Pic 1 - Charu Majumdar
Pic 2 - Kanu Sanyal
Pic 3 - ?

quetzalcoatl said...

naxals....charu mazumdar, kanu sanyal (?), kobad ghandy

Unknown said...

Naxalite movement.

Pictures are of -

1. Charu Mazumdar
2. Kanu sanyal
3. Kobad gandhy


Kaushik said...

1. Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal and Kobad Ghandy who led Naxal revolution at different points of time. They were part of CPI(M-L)

Ankur said...


Srikant said...

I dont recognize any of them but they look like 'Left/Naxal' leaders.

Sourabh Chowdhury said...

charu mazumdar, kanu sanyal and kobad Ghandy.

Maoist movement in India

The One and Only said...

Naxal: Charu, Kanu, and Kobad

Chandu said...

Communist Revolutionaries

Charu mazumdar

Kanu Sanyal

Kobad Ghandy

Anonymous said...

all are well-known Naxal leaders. On the top left is Charu Mazumdar who started it all at Naxalbari. At the bottom is Kobad Ghandy. The person on the top left is likely to be Kishanji (dont know for sure)