Thursday, October 15, 2009

Question Of The Day: 15th October, 2009

Diwali gift:) Connect.

Difficulty Level - Very Easy

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And the correct answer is:

Wake Up Sid/Iktara

Pictures from top left (clockwise)

Amit Trivedi (music composer of Ikatara, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed the rest of the songs)

Ayan Mukherjee (Director of the movie)

A picture of Ektara, the musical instrument.


quetzalcoatl said...

wake up sid, amit trivedi, iktara, ayan mukherjee

Vikram said...

Amit Trivedi composed Iktara for Ayan Banerji's - "Wake up Sid"..! Has been my fav song for sometime now..!

Vinayak said...

Wake up SID!!!!!
Amit Trivedi
The sinf Ikhtara from the same movie

Darkstar said...


Amit Trivedi - the composer
Iktara - the instrument
Ayan(Awe-yoan) Mukherji - the director of WUS.

Anonymous said...

Go to Sleep Sid.

Arjun Kolady.

Anal Ghosh said...

Wake up Sid

Ignoramus Scribbler said...

amit trivedi
ayan mukherji
so the connect is Wake Up Sid

Chandu said...

Iktara song from Wake Up Sid

Amit Trivedi - The song composer

Ayan Mukherjee - The director

Ektara instrument

Unknown said...


Ankan Mitra said...

Wake Up S!d..
The pics from left are Amit Trivedi (Music director of Iktara song) , Iktara (a song in the movie) and Ayan Mukherji (director)

The One and Only said...

Trivedi, Ayaan, Iktara--> Wake Up, Sid.

Unknown said...

The Connection is Iktara.

1. Amit Trivedi Music director of Wake up sid, which has the song iktara.
2. Ektara, the musical instrument
2. Ayan Mukherjee , director of wake up sid.

- Dipankar

sands said...

Something to do with Wake up sid

Subtle Expressions said...

Amit Trivedi
Ayan Mukherjee

The movie: Wake Up Sid?
Amit Trivedi, the composer of the song Iktara, from the movie 'Wake Up Sid?'

mukund m said...

wake up sid?