Monday, October 19, 2009

Question For The Day: 19th October, 2009

Another Google Trends question. Which relatively common Indian woman's name generated the graph shown below. If you read the question carefully it's a sitter.

Difficulty Level - Easy

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And the correct answer is:

Savita (of savita bhabhi dot com fame)

Here's the link to the trends chart (no not the site:) )


Srikant said...


Sourabh Chowdhury said...

A: Savita ;)

poseidon said...

The most famous (definitely not common) bhabhi of them all - Savita!

Parul said...

You call this one easy Suhel...what's the answer????

Dainty Damsel said...

Just a guess:
Sonia Gandhi?

Pranav Agarwal said...


- Savita Bhabhi from Indian Porn Empire

Why did they stop it? :(

Thezone said...

Is it Rashida... the lady from Bhopal who won the Goldman award

The One and Only said...

Savita [wasn't sure if it was Savita or Bhabhi, so ran Google Trends on both to get the answer ;-)]

Dipankar said...

Savita for sure :)

Now this is a sitter