Friday, April 14, 2006

QOTD will be back on 17th April, 2006

Hello Quizzers,

Today being Good Friday, the Google Hyderabad office is closed and so the QOTD series will be back on Monday, 17th April. This week's scores and statistics will be sent out to the quizzing groups today. You can enter the QOTD contest by joining ANY one of the following quiz Groups.

Google Group: Indian Quizzers


Yahoo Group: Quizzards_2k4

Everyday you will receive ONE mail at 13:30 informing you about that day's question, the previous day's question along with the answer and the name of correct answer givers. Besides this we also have our on going contest where at the end of every week we have the Quizzers of the Week, and complete leaderboard with latest standings.

Quizzically Yours,

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