Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Brief Introduction


Let me start by thanking you for visiting this blog. Now for a little bit about 'What it is all about?'

It all started during the end of 2005 when I had a new quiz questions as my status message on Gtalk every day. Quizzlers (Quizzers + Googlers) started answering and one day I wanted to have a picture clue of Timmothy McVeigh and so the blog was started to host the photo! It was very well received and I continued uploading picture clues and then the 'Connection' format of questions.

This was followed by keeping proper scores and tabulating them, and sending out mails to the Google internal quizzing group at the end of the day, with the question and the answer and the list of all correct answer providers.

Then we progressed to the blog format of the 'Question Of The Day' series. It turned out to be much more successful than what I had expected. We also started getting Non-Googler's checking the question and attempting them.

Thanks a lot for showing interest in the blog and personally I take this opportunity to thank all of you who appreciated the efforts. Hope to keep coming up with interesting questions and receiving such tremendous response as we have received so far.

Quizzically Yours,

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