Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question Of The Day: 17th September, 2009

Hello there,

If you all are still there, that is:) I checked the previous posts to find out that this will be what can be termed as the 4th comeback for Inquizzitive, since it started back in December 2005. And yes, the blog has been dormant for the better part of the last four years.

The last week has been as good as any to make a comeback, after watching Kim Clisjters' lifting her  daughter and the US Open, I knew it was time to restart Inquizzitive. And two 36 year old men scoring their 44th ODI century and winning the US Open Men's Doubles only added to the motivation.

If you still have some hopes in my commitment to QOTD, then I would urge you to read this post from last year, not much has changed. Yes, with the advancement in technology we have one more way of getting new questions notifications - Twitter! If you want the latest question, you can follow me @suhel.

Starting off the new season (!) with a teaser, doesn't perhaps qualify as a question! I have been somewhat out of touch, but plan to come back to form soon!

Looking forward to some good participation again!

What am I referring to?

And the correct answer is:

The Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift controversy.

Pictures (in clockwise order from top left)

1) Mark Taylor (Hint: taylor)
2) Poster of the movie 'Girl, Interrupted' (Hint: interrupted)
3) Poster of the movie 'Wild, Wild, West' (Hint: west)


Spentforce said...

Mark Taylor ref Taylor Swift
Wild Wild West ref Kanye West
Girl Interrupted ref Interruption.

The (in)famous Kanye West Taylor Swift award interruption.

Som said...


i can't get how it is connected to the second pic though!

Tutu said...

referring to year 1999

Sasidhar said...

Mark Taylor
Angelina Jolie and Winnona Ryder - Girl Interrupted
Will Smith, Kevin Kline -Wild Wild West

Hmmm... nothing obvious there I can think of though :(

PG said...

Taylor Interrupted by Kanye.

Kanye West-Taylor Swift VMA Incident.

Ankur said...


Alekhya H said...

"Mark taylor" (who shares the name of the cricketer) co-produced the song "Bailamos" for the movie "wild wild west" and has a scene that has an "uninterrupted" kiss with a "girl".
(I feel like nuts, but you can't deny google results!)

Unknown said...

In the Eye of the Storm

Unknown said...

the number 9?

Arjun Kolady said...

The Kanye West episode?