Friday, September 25, 2009

Question Of The Day: 25th September, 2009

When I said I expected less than 10 answers to y'day's QOTD I didn't mean 0!  And since Sujasha mentioned the correct answer, I mention her name here:)

Today's question is a much simpler one. The hint I will give is that it's contextual and it's very easy to get into wrong tracks, please do not! Go ahead and connect.

Added hint! This is a pure 'lateral thinking' question. Please think way out of the box!

Please leave your answers as comments. They are moderated and will be published along with the correct answer.

And the correct answer is:

They are all vahanas/mounts/vehicles of Goddess Durga & her children

Pictures were as follows:

Top left - Owl (Hedwig from Harry Potter) - Goddess Lakshmi

Top right - Swan (from the movie The Swan Princess) - Goddess Saraswati

Bottom right - Peacock (NBC's peacock logo) - Lord Kartik

Bottom left - Rat/Mouse (Mickey Mouse) - Lord Ganesha

Centre - Lion (Simba from Lion King) - Goddess Durga


Unknown said...

durga puja
the picture show the animals associated with the god/goddess's worshipped in durga puja

Unknown said...

The different vahanas
lakshmi :owl
karthik: peacock
ganesha: mouse
saraswati :swan

CCR said...


Kaushik said...

I loved this Question. These are the "vahanas" of Goddess Durga and her 4 children. Owl - Lakshmi, Swan - Saraswati, Mouse - Ganesha, Peacock - Karthik and Lion - Devi Durga herself. Happy Pujas

Pearl Singhal said...

All animals/birds in d picture (peacock, lion, mouse, swan (4m swan pricess)& owl) are vahanas of certain Hindu Gods.

Som said...

Durga Puja!

all the bahons :D

good one!

The One and Only said...

Vaahans of Devi Durga and her retinue. Happy Pujas to all!

- The One and Only

cantgetagoodid said...

I must say I am delighted that QOTD is back. I can now pretend that the time I am NOT doing what I am supposed to be doing I am at least trying to think and get a reasonable guess for QOTD.

I would still like you to put some more sport related question.

Okay , my customary one para plus rambling is done .. here is my guess ..

I cant hit the nail on the head but ..

a)Walt Disney Co. (Some of those characters are Disney , Mortimer/Micky Mouse , the young lion in lion king (?)
b) No idea about Harry Potter's owl .. but I think its called Hedgewick / Hedgewig
c)CNBC (?) .. I know Walt Disney made an offer for Marvel (Aladdin is a marvel character) .. Were they the first to report this news??
d)Why Buena Vista / Aladdin is blanked , I cant say.
e)There is a character / writer in the Marvel Universe named Mortimer (Is this even relevant)?

Some feedback about whether I am rabmling remotely close to the answer would help.

PS : Your employer is going to now bombard me with cartoon related ads/emails on reading this email ;)