Friday, March 24, 2006

Rules and Regulations

Hello Quizzers,

The following are the main rules and regulations of Inquizzitive. Besides point no. 1 none of the others are going to affect Googlers.


1. Every week from Monday to Friday, a fresh question will be up on the blog at 00:00 hours (Indian Standard Time). The question will remain open till 23:00 hours.

2. All answers to be mailed to me at:
[NOTE: Henceforth answers over IM will not be considered]

3. I will be sending out a mail at 00:00 hours everyday with the link to the question and the detailed answer of the previous day's question and the list of correct answer providers. To get this mail you will have to subscribe to:


Membership is open for all, so you will require only your Gmail or Yahoo id's

NOTE: The following settings are recommended, as there will be just one mail per day in these groups:

Yahoo Group:

4. We will be having Daily, Weekly and Monthly Statistics, like the fastest answer provider, Quizzers of the week, Lone Warrior (If only one person provides the answer etc).

5. Scoring will be as follows: 1 point for every correct answer. 2 points for the fastest answer every day. And 3 points for the Lone Warrior (If Any).

Hope to see a lot of you taking part in the 'Question Of The Day' series. And yes, if you have any questions which you think should be up on the blog (with the visual/connection format in mind) please mail them to me. Due credit shall be provided:) For any clarifications please shoot all your questions to:

Quizzically Yours,

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