Thursday, March 02, 2006

Question Of The Day: 2nd March, 2006

A connection question again, and to stop you from going into the depths of Hollywood trivia, let me tell you the answer is a person not connected with movies.

PLEASE IM or mail the answer to me and do NOT mail it to the list or leave it as a comment here.

And The Correct Ans. Is

Steve Jobs

The movie 'Anywhere But Here' is based on a book by Mona Simpson who is Steve Jobs' biological sister. Monsters Inc. was produced by Pixar which was started by Jobs. And finally the other person in the picture is John sCully, the CEO of Apple at the time Jobs was fired.

Total No. Of Attempts: 10

No. Of Correct Answers: 7

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Arjun K
Tarun M
Sriranjini L
Rubin S
Bennet A
Tanushree B
Sumodh T

Non-Googlers Who Got It Right

Prateek Vijayvargia
Bharat Jain

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