Friday, March 10, 2006

Question Of The Day: 10th March, 2006

These people were the best in their own chosen fields. But a particular hobby/pursuit connects them. What is it?

PLEASE IM or mail the answer to me and do NOT mail it to the list or leave it as a comment here.

And The Correct Ans. Is

Those three people (Aristotle, Sherlcok Holmes and Edmund Hillary) were all beekeepers.

Total No. Of Attempts: 14

No. Of Correct Answers: 9

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Tarun M
Arjun K
Smitha P
Shyam K
Bennet A
Sreejita D
Sumodh T
Vinitha N
Radhika S

Non-Googlers Who Got It Right

Bee Gee

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