Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question Of The Day: 10th March, 2010

Stunning response to the previous question! Another sitter as a follow up, obviously can't give any clues this time. Connect.

Difficulty Level - Very Easy

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And the correct answer is:

They are the co-founders of the microblogging site Twitter.
Pictures in clockwise order (from top left):

Biz Stone

Evan Williams

Jack Dorsey


Manan Singhi said...


Unknown said...

Twitter!! Anyone who doesn't get this is a Fail Whale :D

Anonymous said...

Twitter co-founders. - Kamal

Kaushik said...

Twitter - could identify Jack Dorsey

rest may be the other founders

Veni Mahindra said...


Tarun said...

Twitter, all the co-founders.

Srikant said...

Men behind Twitter

Soubhagya Jena said...


Anubhav Chatterjee said...