Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We've Moved! + Question Of The Day: 23rd September, 2009

After close to 4 years of contemplating and procrastinating about moving to our own custom domain, we finally took the step yesterday - is now available at !

But that's all that has changed, everything else including the format, layout, host (Blogger) and even the links remain the same - so you need not worry! Any links anywhere in the world wide web pointing to Inquizzitive or any of it's specific posts will be auto redirected to the same one in If you want to subscribe to our feeds you can do so from here.

Special thanks to Sasidhar for helping us with the move.

Would be great if you could spread the word and a link here and there is most welcome:)

Anyway, coming to today's QOTD. It's good old connect. My guess is slightly on the tougher side, but please feel free to go ahead and prove me wrong!

And the correct answer is:

Michael Jackson

Pictures in clockwise order (from top left)

Debbie Rowe (his wife)

Justin Timberlake (from the infamous 'warddrobe malfunction' event at Superbowl with Janet Kackson - his sister)

Bubbles (his pet chimpanzee)


Abhishek Mahajan said...

Debbie Rowe
A Chimp

hmmm...Michael Jackson?

stupendousman said...

The connection is Micheal Jackson

Debbie Row : His nurse whom he married

Chimp : was his best friend apparently

Justin Timberlake : I am not sure about that

Som said...

Debbie Rowe, Justin Timberlake and Bubbles!

Connect: all three did not attend Michael's memorial service? :P

Anal Ghosh said...

Michael Jackson.

Veni Mahindra said...

Michael Jackson?

abhishek chakraborty said...

the connect is michael jackson.
the first pic is of debbie rowe.
the second pic is of justin timberlake of the infamous superbowl incident with janet jackson.
the third pic is of bubbles(chimpanzee) who was the pet of michael jackson

Debasmita Basu said...

I guess it is monkey business. But couldn't identify the lady.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson has been cut out from each picture.

(His music lives on)

Arjun Kolady.

Kamal Rathi said...

Debbie Rowe (MJ's ex wife)
Justin Timberlake (was performing with Janet Jackson when the wardrobe malfunction happened)
Bubble (MJs chimp)
Connect has to Michael Jackson

Sajith Menon said...

Micheal Jackson

Pic 1 : Debbie Rowe
Pic 2 : Justin Timberlake (Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction fame)
Pic 3 : Bubbles(One of his favourite pet)

Vinayak said...

Andy Samberg, director of space chimps. He sang a song with justin Timberlake at maddison square