Thursday, June 26, 2008

Question Of The Day: 26th June, 2008

After yesterday's Question Of The Series, time for a breather! Perhaps the oldest connect question doing the rounds in Indian quizzing circuits. Go get it:)

And the correct answer is:

They all had sons named Rahul.

And they are (from top left in clockwise order): Rajiv Gandhi, Gautam Buddha & Sachin Dev Burman.


ara said...

a real breather it is

Rajeev Gandhi, Gautam Buddha, Sachin Dev Burman - all named their sons Rahul

coolchak said...

the answer is all of them named their son rahul.

rajiv gandhi
sachin dev burman

you can also put vinod khanna in it

Anonymous said...

The answer is Rahul.

Pic1:Rajiv Gandhi son's name is Rahul
Pic2:Gautam Buddha son's name is Rahul
Pic3:S.D.Burman son's name is Rahul

Anonymous said...

all named their son as Rahul

vandana said...

They have all featured on the Indian stamp.

quetzalcoatl said...

All of them have son named Rahul..

Anonymous said...

Really a breather for a change. The connect is the names of their sons -- Rahul. Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Dev Burman and Gautam Buddha's son is also Rahul (not sure of his surname thought :-P).

Kamal Rathi said...

They all are FATHERS to sons named RAHUL.
Rajiv Gandhi - Rahul Gandhi
Gautam Buddha - Rahul
Sachin Dev Burman - Rahul Dev Burman

rajatmaths said...

Well its during our school days..quiz master asked connect...rajiv gandhi,s.d burman and buddha...we used jump and answer rahul..
But let me give another answer which is Tripura...SD burman was born in tripura..tales about tripura can be found in the inscriptions of pillars during reign of Ashoka who was a buddhist..and Rajiv Gandhi's mother Indira was prime minister when tripura got the state status...

Anonymous said...

The connect is Rahul: their sons' name.

--One and Only

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. A dedication question to me, isn't it? :p :p Really, a breather it is, after the bouncer last time.

- RAHUL Paul

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The connect is Rahul


Uday Satpathy said...

Is the answers Buddha?

Pic 1 is Rajiv Gandhi. Her mother Indira Gandhi was associated with India's nuclear test code named Buddha Smiles.

Pic 2 is Buddha's monument

Pic 3 is Buddhadev Bhattacharya

Anonymous said...

Rahul is the connect :0)
The prodigal sons of their respective fathers :0)

champ said...

ans all their sons are named rahul (rajiv gandhi, sd burman, gautam buddha)