Monday, May 15, 2006

Question Of The Day: 15th May, 2006

Sitter to start the week with. Who logically comes in place of the '?'.

PLEASE mail the answer to

Answers over IM will NOT be considered.

And The Correct Ans. Is

Justin Gatlin

The ones in the picture were held the record for the fastest 100 m dash before him. Clockwise from top left: Donovan Bailey, Maurice Greene and Asafa Powell.

Total No. Of Attempts: 14

No. Of Correct Answers: 3

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Shyam K
Daud C
Jitendra K

Non Googlers

Total No. Of Attempts: 37

No. Of Correct Answers: 27

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Rahul Paul
Shyam Naren
Vivek Karthikeyan
Vikram Rai
Raghuram A
Oranje Oranje
Aneesh Sekhar
Rohit Nair
Bee Gee
Raghuram Godavarthi
Tushar Srivastava
Nikshep Mehra
Kamalkumar Chandrashekhar
Karthick Viswanathan
Naveen Thomas
Akshay Ananthraman
Ananth Padmanabhan
Amit Jha
Shashwat Sehgal
Vikram Hiray
Mit Chowdhury
Abhimanyu Sanghi
Abhishek Pati
Praveen Kumar
Vibhakar Shukla
Prateek Vijayavargia

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