Monday, January 09, 2006

Question Of The Day: 9th January, 2006

What connects the three images you see on your screen? Please give the full logical explanation.

PLEASE IM or mail the answer to me and do NOT mail it to the list or leave it as a comment here.

And The Connect was

Those flowers are Lilacs. The persons in the pictures are Walt Whitman and Abraham Lincoln respectively. Walt Whitman wrote one of his most famous poems, 'When Lilacs last in the Dooryard bloomed' as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln after he passed away

Total No. Of Attempts: 15

No. Of Correct Answers:11

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Sumodh T
Arjun K
Vinitha N
Supriya N
Manjusha N
Sriranjini L
Tarun M
Sushmita M
Rubin S
Shyam P

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