Friday, January 06, 2006

Question Of The Day: 6th January, 2006

Another connection question. The arrows will tell you what to connect with what. And yes, there is NO one answer to connect all four pictures, but a common underlying concept.

Today's 'inspired' question has been framed by Arjun Kolady

PLEASE IM or mail the answer to me and do NOT mail it to the list or leave it as a comment here.

And The Correct Ans Is.
John Hinckley Jr., who attempted an assassination of Ronald Reagan (the Man on the Time Magazine cover) was inspired by Robert De Niro's character in the movie Taxi Driver and that explains the first connect. Secondly John Lennon (of Beatles) was shot by Mark David Chapman who was reading the book Catcher In the Rye by J D Salinger and the black and white picture is that of J D Salinger

Total No. Of Attempts: 10

No. Of Correct Answers:8

List Of Correct Answer Givers

Rubin S
Tarun M
Vinitha N
Manjusha N
Kavita G
Shyam K
Mandar D
Anand P

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