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Question Of The Day: 3rd May, 2010

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And the correct answer is:

1st Indians to score centuries in Test, ODI & T20 internationals
Pictures from top left (in clockwise order)
Lala Amarnath
Kapil Dev
Suresh Raina


Unknown said...

First centuries for India in Tests, ODIs and T20s respectively.

Unknown said...

First centurions for India in different formats of the game.

Lala Amarnath - Tests
Kapil Dev - ODIs
Suresh Raina - TTIs

Srikant said...

First Indians to score centuries in Test, ODI & T20 respectively

Anonymous said...

First Indians to score century in test/oneday/T20


Unknown said...

Lala Amarnath - First Indian to hit a test hundred
Kapil Dev - First Indian to hit an ODI hundred
Suresh Raina - First Indian to hit a t20 hundred

Rajat said...

first centurions for india in three formats of the cricket.

Unknown said...

Lala Amarnath - First indian to score a test century for india
Kapil Dev - First indian to score a ODI century
Suresh Raina - First indian to score a T20 century

- Jagjit

Unknown said...

Lala Amarnath, Kapil Dev & Suresh Raina - First Indian Centurions in particular forms of cricket.

MountCleverest said...

first centurions from india in each format of cricket.
lala amarnath in tests, kapil in ODIs(not sure) and raina in T20s

kapil dev was the first to hit century in ODI WC as is Raina, but there is no test WC... so that doesn't seem to make much sense.

MountCleverest said...

just verified...
kapil dev was indeed the first indian centurion in ODI!
and he score only 1 century in his entire career which was a match saving and india's world cup campaign reviving effort! incredible! :)

Prateek Vijayavargia said...

First Indians to hit a century (International Match) in each form of the game.

1. Lala Amarnath - Test Cricket.
2. Kapil Dev - One-Day Cricket
3. Suresh Rain - T20 Cricket

Vinod said...

territorial army?

M said...

First Indian Centurions in different formats of cricket.
Lala Amarnath: Test
Kapil Dev: ODI
suresh Raina: t-20

Shuleo said...

First Indians to score a cntury in each format of the game (Test - Lala Amarnath, ODI - Kapil Dev and T20I - Suresh Raina)

Abhishek said...

First to hit 100s for India in International Cricket. Lala Amarnath - Tests; Kapil Dev - ODIs and Suresh Kr Raina - T20s.

Srikanth M said...

The connect is first 100's by Indians in different forms of the Cricket game

Lala Amarnath - scored India's first Test century

Suresh Raina - scored India's first T20 century

Kapil Dev - scored India's first ODI century

Anonymous said...

first indians to score century in test cricket,odi world cup & t20 ---lala amarnath,kapil dev & suresh raina


Anurag said...

All batted at no. 6? Kapil dev and Raina

The One and Only said...

They're the first Test (Lala), ODI (Kapil), and Twenty20 (Raina) centurions for India.

Unknown said...

1st to score 100s for India in the 3 international forms of cricket.

Top left- Lala Amarnath in Tests
Top Right- Kapil Dev in ODIs
Bottom- Suresh Raina in T20Is