Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Question Of The Day: 7th April, 2010

The clues are staring at you, go connect.

Picture courtesy - Soumyadip

Difficulty Level - Easy

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And the correct answer is:

Dennis Crawley (Founder of
Dodgeball, the previous website created by Crawley and later sol to Google
An ad for Four Square cigarettes


Anonymous said...

dodgeball - foursquare - dennis crowley.


Anand said...

FourSquare (indicated by four red squares in the 3rd image), created by Dennis Crowley (1st image), who also co-created Dodgeball which is the name of the movie whose poster is shown (2nd image).

Pearl Singhal said...

Dennis Crowley
Four squares
Crowley is the founder of the networking sites four squares and

Hef said...

dennis crowley, dodgeball, foursquare

Mohak Gambhir said...

Crowley sold Dodgeball to Google and then founded Foursquare. Now what's the question? :)

- Location based services
- Google Latitude
- Google lawyers did a bad job with the agreement which basically allowed Crowley to build another similar product

Debasmita Basu said...

Pic 1: Dennis Crowly, one of the founders of the social networking site Dodgeball.
Pic 2: Movie Dodgeball.
Pic 3: An ad of the cigarette Four Square.
Ans: Social networking site Dodgeball, which has been improved to Foursquare by Dennis Crowly.

Anubhav Chatterjee said...


The One and Only said...


"The clues are staring at you"

Indeed. Especially, the 4th square blocking the!

Sorabh said...

Dennis Crowley (1) founder of dodgeball (2.the movie poster)which notifies users of crushes, friends, friends' friends and interesting venues nearby(3.).