Monday, April 05, 2010

Question Of The Day: 5th April, 2010

Old wine in new bottle:) Who/what should come in place of the '?' Pure cricketing question. Hint: Nothing to do IPL.

Difficulty Level - Medium

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And the correct answer is:

Shoaib Malik, he was the first batsman to be given out LBW by a third umpire and this was the set up.
Chaminda Vaas - Bowler
Daryl Harper - On field umpire
Rudy Koertzen - 3rd umpire


Unknown said...

The man in the eye of the storm - Shoaib Malik.

Very topical :)

Anonymous said...

Shoaib Malik

First to be adjudged LBW by a third umpire

Deepak said...

Shoaib Malik

Unknown said...


Ravi said...

Shoaib Malik,

in picture: Chaminda Vaas, Umpire Daryl Harper and Rudi Koertzen. For using technology for the first time to adjuge LBW...Shoab Malik was adjuged as a decision.

Mohak Gambhir said...

Other gentlemen: Chaminda Vaas & Daryl Harper

Shoaib Malik was the first ever LBW out decision referred to the the 3rd Umpire (in this case and not in the pic - Rudy Koertzen)

Jatin Bharadia said...

Shoaib Malik.

First time to get LBW out using third umpire.
Bowler - Vaas.
Umpire - Harper.
Third Umpire - Koertzen.

champ said...

yuvraj singh, vaas' 400th ODI wicket

The One and Only said...

Shoaib Malik- first to be adjudged LBW by TV umpire (Koertzen). Harper was the standing/referring umpire.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Shoaib Mallik. First LBW decision by 3 rd Umpire (Rudi)reffered by Dayrl. Vaas was the bowler