Sunday, September 10, 2006

This Roo Packs A Punch!

The internet unlcoked the entire world's information for all of us, but the only condition was we had to be 'online'. This changed the way we lived and we actually have become so dependent on the net that the little time we cannot access it, e.g. in flights, shopping malls, drive to work etc. we feel helpless.

And that is where help came in, in the form of Webaroo. This product realized the need to make the net available even when we are off-line, and thus in effect get the internet into our machines. To read all about Webaroo you can check out the article on it in wikipedia.

I have personally been using this since it's first version, and found it particularly helpful during the World Cup nights. That was before I got broadband back home, and the webaroo webpacks on World Cup which I downloaded and installed on my machine helped me find answers to the various questions arising as and when the matches were being played.

One of Inquizzitive's regulars, Pratyush Prasanna, is an integral member of the Webaroo team. If you have any questions regarding Webaroo you can send them to me and I will forward them to Pratyush.

This product is definitely worth a try.

Quizzically Yours,

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