Friday, December 04, 2009

Question Of The Day: 4th December, 2009

Looks much more difficult than it actually is:) Who should come in place of X.

Difficulty Level - Tough

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And the correct answer is:

Barack Obama

Winners of the Grammy for the Best Spoken Word (2006 & 2008)

Pictures in clockwise order (from top left):

Bill Clinton (2005)

Jimmy Carter, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee (2007)

Beau Bridges, Cynthia Nixon, Blair Underwood (2009)


quetzalcoatl said...

Obama...he seems 2 be winning everything nowadays...

It's the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album

Ankur said...

tiger woods

Unknown said...

Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album: Barack obama in 2006 and 2008

ara said...

Democrat US Presidential candidates - Bill Clinton, George H W Bush, Ross Perot, Al Gore