Sunday, August 20, 2006

Googley And Trendy - A New Quizzing Concept!

Hello Quizzers,

Let me introduce you to the Googley and Trendy format of quizzing. I used this for the first time during the tech quiz at SCIT's annual fest this year. The audience response was very encouraging and so I would like to share it with all of you. The concept is quite simple. A chart is shown from Google Trends, with some parts covered and a question is asked on that chart. Reading a little bit about Google Trends may help.

So let's get started with this new round and all the best to all of you for a brand new Question Of The Day series. Answers to these questions will be up on the 21st of August midnight.

Question 1) Which query provides the following kind of a graph with India as the region?

Ans: The word is budget, as it is presented on the 28th of February every year. Thus the periodic spike. The small spike in June-July 2004 was because of the general elections held that year and so a mid-term budget was presented then

Question 2) Why was there a spike for the search on the word bbc in Greece in mid 2005? (Beware of decoys!)

Ans: Greece was just a decoy! The rise in searches for BBC was because of the London bomb blasts in 7/7. The rest is self explanatory I guess!

Question 3) Why the sudden surge in searches for Denmark during that period of the timeline?

Ans: A simple one here, the Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Controversy starting from Denmark.

Question 4) I searched for Justine, Matthew and Ricky and the region was Australia. Why the craze for Justin early on in the timeline?

Ans: Another decoy! The region was selected as Australia and the first names of their top three batsmen were provided, but the actual reason because of the spike in Justin's name was because of the Janet Jackson- Justin Timberlake Superbowl wardrobe malfunction.

Question 5) Murder, Rape and Violence. Why Murder suddenly then?

Ans: M for Murder, M for Mallika! Yes Ms. Sherawat's movie took murder way above rape and violence. Way To Go Ms. Sherawat!

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